The Baptist Church in Carluke was born in 1889 under the leadership of Mr William Martin, a local business man.
Mr Martin became Pastor Martin and under his leadership the church in Stewart Street Carluke was built in 1903, and was subsequently named the Martin Memorial Baptist Church.As the church outgrew the Stewart Street building, they purchased the former Original Secession Church in Chapel Street, along with the Manse and the Caretaker's cottage, in 1969.

This building was refurbished and was officially opened as Kirkstyle Baptist Church on 12th September 1970 by Rev Peter Barber, President of the Baptist Union of Scotland.


The following men have all ministered to the Carluke fellowship:

1889-1905 Pastor W D Martin 1948-1951 Rev James D Kirk
1906-1913 Rev Thomas Mahan 1952-1957 Rev George M Graham
1913-1920 Rev A D Webber 1958-1963 Rev G A J Balmer
1920-1921 Mr D G Lyle 1964-1969 Rev Charles P Simpson
1922-1924 Rev J D Jamieson 1971-1976 Rev Raymond J Arnold
1925-1930 Rev William Whyte 1978-1988 Rev Henry R Telfer
 1930-1934 Rev Neil McLachlan 1989- Rev Robert Breustedt
 1935-1937  Rev Stanley Andrews 1997-2008 Rev Geoff McKee
 1938-1939  Rev William A Clyde 2010- Rev Trevor Wilson
1940-1947   Rev William Bullman    

Members who accepted the call to full time ministry from Kirkstyle:

1960  Iain Inglis 
1976   Jim Gordon
1978   Jim Simpson
1981   Bill Macdonald
1982 Archie Young
1985 Colin Rankin
2005 Annette Morrison




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